Forex Position Update

Posted on Mo 08 Oktober 2007 in Forex • 1 min read

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    My EURCHF limit sell order was triggered overnight and then promptly stopped out! I went short 200 units of EURCHF at 1.6635 and was stopped out at 1.6675. Doh!

    I do have a limit buy order in for the EURUSD but that wasn't triggered and it looks like it won't anytime soon. So far my Forex trades for the month of October have negative expectancy! Well I guess those are the risks of being a Forex trader!

    In other news, I've been thinking hard about doing a carry trade basket of positions and just collecting the interest rate spread. The good part of this strategy is that I can ride long term trends by going long/short when certain pairs get oversold/bought. The bad news is that I can suffer losses if fundamental data changes over night.