Forex Position Updates

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    It looks like the EURUSD trend is exerting itself again but the fundamentals are telling me that the trend should be slowing down. Goes to show you how market bias can affect trends too, currently its saying "full speed ahead" until one day we speculators go, "oh the trend is over!" "Abort long positions!" "Abort!"

    So I went long 200 units yesterday at 1.4057, sold half for 1.3R and I'm holding the other half till I get to work. Right now the other half is up 83 pips or so but I'm not celebrating yet till I close out that position!

    People I talk too think I'm nuts for spending nearly a year test trading Forex but I'm glad I'm doing it. Forex isn't easy but it makes a lot of sense the longer you do it. The trick is to have the ability (financial power) to stay in the game. Thanks to Oanda, I could do that by opening up a $100 account!

    Update: I just sold the position for an 83 pip profit, over 2R!


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