Forex Scorecard

Posted on Di 15 Juli 2008 in misc • 1 min read

I get an IM from TraderGav this morning and he messages me this, "look at your Euro and Aussie. it is time for some beers." I logged into my account and sure enough I'm sitting on some sizable gains! I think I'd rather have my coffee first before I start drinking beers. :)

My EURUSD position is raging, its up 257 pips, my AUDUSD position is up 143 pips, and my new short position in USDCAD is up 53 pips. What a way to wake up!

I have several limit orders in to BUY more Euro's, Aussie Dollars, and Canadian Dollars on pullbacks. I'm so negative the USD right now that'd I'd short my neighbor's dog if I could.