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    currency.thumbnail.jpgIts been a while since I posted my Forex Trend Signals and the reasons why are numerous: I've been sick, swamped at work, and taking a break from trading Forex. The break in trading Forex was out of necessity. Although my trend signals were correct, the markets intraday were extremely volatile and stopped me out several times in a row. So before I decimate my trading account, I took some time off to think about my strategies before I start trading again.

    The signals for this week shouldn't come as a surprise to people, they are very obvious if you've been watching the market.

    • AUDUSD - UP
    • GBPUSD - UP
    • EURUSD - UP
    • OIL - UP
    • GOLD - UP

    Note, these trend signals are based on proprietary neural net models I've created and they get updated weekly. I use them to guage if I should enter long or short swing positions on intraday or intraweek pull backs. These strategies have worked wonders in the past but lately they've caused me to be stopped out during intraday volatility.

    What I really need to build this year is a better Forex volatility model to help me predict the direction of volatility and I'll probably do that after I post my new tutorials and have the first RapidMiner Meetup in NYC.


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