Global Carnage

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    All I can say is WOW, the carnage has spread. I haven't seen this type of bloodbath ever and it'll probably get worse than better anytime soon! I managed to update my S&P500 model yesterday and volatility indicator has gone through the roof! The model is nearing a BUY signal and we might see that if things get wilder today. If you want to get my model alerts, drop me an email and I'll put you on the list.

    Despite what the model says, I'm going on a mini shopping spree today, especially in foreign markets. I'll be allocating money out of cash and into our 401k funds today and adding amounts on each major carnage like sell off. People are panicking and I'm an opportunistic vulture! Caw Caw!

    All the markets are going nuts, the USDJPY carry trade is unwinding faster than a stripper on a pole. The last time I checked, it was trading at 114. The AUDUSD pair is in a free fall, its at 0.79. On top of that, my position in NE went through a -5% move, something that has a 0.44% chance of happening in 10,ooo trading day!

    Things will get interesting today and tomorrow!

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