Going Off The Tracks With Greenbrier Company (GBX)

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    A long time ago, as I was searching for some good long term infrastructure plays when I came across The Greenbrier Companies (GBX). Here's what they do, from their company overview page:

    The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. (Greenbrier) is engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing of railroad freight car equipment in North America and Europe and a provider of railcar refurbishment and parts, leasing and other services to the railroad and related transportation industries in North America.

    I work in the railroad business and I believe that railroads are going to be a big business in the next few years as we try to find more efficient ways of moving freight long distances. Depsite my rosy outlook for the industry, GBX's stock chart stinks.

    It looks like the stock has been in a downtrend and last week shares were down over 7% as Greenbrier (GBX) took a big tumble on news that Ichan ended discussions with GBX on a possible "business combination" with American Railcar Industries Inc (ARII).

    After I read that tidbit of news I'm staying away from both companies. When Carl Ichan gets involved, you know that there are problems with the company! Carl is a smart guy but he's out for himself.

    PS: If you ask me, GBX is probably going to test the $16.03 low back on Jan 23, 2008!


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