Gold:Top Or Just The Beginning?

Posted on Fr 07 Dezember 2007 in misc • 1 min read

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    Babak posted about a possible double top forming in Gold (and Oil) in his blog a few days ago. While I agree with his technical analysis on the daily charts, I disagree with his conclusion that Gold has topped out. In my mind, Gold is driven 80% by fundamental reasons instead of technical analysis. If you look at the weekly chart, Gold looks poised to possibly make a run higher after this consolidation.

    Anyone can argue over technical analysis but in the end I believe that Gold is driven by fundamental reasons for one critical observation I make. The longer I trade Forex, the more I begin to see Gold as a currency rather than a commodity on the open market. Since all currency prices are driven by fundamental and sentiment forces mainly and based on the macro economic conditions we are experiencing globally, I believe that Gold will indeed move higher from here.

    Then again I could be wrong and Babak right. After all, these differences in perception and value is what makes a market. :)