Good Luck Ugly!

Posted on Fr 12 Oktober 2007 in misc • 1 min read

I read last night that Ugly has taken a full time programming position and is leaving daytrading behind. I admit that I feel sad that he won't be daytrading anymore but, in my opinion, he would dishonor his ideals of capitalism if he didn't maxmize his skills as a programmer.

I've often given thoughts to this as well, part of me wants to make a move to trading full time for either a hedge fund or myself, and the other part of me wants to open a civil engineering business in my town. I haven't done either yet because I'm good at what I do, being a consultant in the transportation industry. So for him right now the best option was to take this job, maximize his income, and continue with position trading (which is what I like to do).

Although he'll be working for the man again, I think he realized that sometimes these boring jobs can yield a steady income for you and aren't that bad if your a professional. I hope that eventually he'll either save up a fortune and then start trading again or start his own programming company designing ATS's for hedge funds.

Ugly, I say BRAVO! Good luck in your new endeavor and I hope you keep your site going!