Google warns of threats to competition

Posted on Mo 04 Februar 2008 in misc • 1 min read

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    I just laughed when I read this.  Google is complaining that Microsoft's bid for Yahoo would be a "threat" to innovation?  I think the real threat has been "do no evil" Google all along and this is the marketplace's answer to countering Google's growing dominance.

    Google said in a blog post on its Web site that given Microsoft's anti-competitive conduct in the past and its continued dominance in the technology industry, the proposed transaction could pose threats to "innovation and openness" on the Internet. But Google's broadly worded concerns lacked detailed claims about the anticompetitive effects of the deal, and the company did not ask U.S. regulators to take any specific actions at this time. [via IHT]

    Gee, just the mere thought of a challenge to Google and you get them crying like little babies with their candy taken away.