H2O AI World 2018 in London

It’s been nearly a whole month since I’ve been back from H2O AI World 2018 in London. First off, London is always a great city. I love it. Add in H2O World and it was like a machine learning fairy tale.

There were Kaggle Grandmasters, new H2O-3 and Driverless AI releases, and awesome speakers. Oh my!

I wanted to write a detailed blow by blow’ account of my experiences at H2O World but I was beaten to the punch. Pavel wrote an awesome post about his experiences in London AND so did folks over in Mountain View do the same with their Top 5 Things You Should Know About H2O AI World London.’

That’s the thing when you work for a fast paced organization, you gotta be fast too.

My favorite talks

Four talks/presentations really stood out for me, and I’ll list them in no particular order below.

The first was Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf’s presentation on combating extinction. The use of image mining amateur photographs to calculate animal populations was fascinating. I was lucky enough to meet up with her after her talk to get into the nitty gritty details of the process.

Next was Ashrith’s talk on Modeling Approaches for Malicious Behavioural Detection.” I found this fascinating because I have a big interest in anomaly detection and it’s application.

Followed by Erin’s talk on Scalable Automatic Machine Learning with H2O.” In it she goes over the recent AutoML enhancements and what the roadmap looks like for today.

Then there was the Kaggle Grandmaster Panel, which hosted some amazing talent. I found the question and answer discussion to be quite enlightening. On top of that I got to speak with the youngest Kaggle Grandmaster, Mikel Bobar-Irizar, after hours on how he began his journey in Data Science.

H2O AI World 2019

Wouldn’t you know? H2O AI World 2019 was just announced for February in San Francisco. Hope to see you there.

Update: If you’re a support of Open Source, check out my post on Startups and Open Source here.

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