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This week (10/3/18) I traveled to Mountain View, the ground zero of this awesome AI startup. I’m in sales engineering training and learning all the in’s and out’s of DriverlessAI. Even better, I get a crash course in H2O-3, the open source platform and libraries.

In my first two weeks I’ve done the following:

  1. Spun up DriverlessAI in Docker and learned some Docker commands
  2. Kicked off DriverlessAI jobs via the python client
  3. Installed and started H2o’s Sparkling Water and a one node spark cluster
  4. Scored a DriverlessAI mojo file on Spark via Sparkling Water
  5. Spun up DriverlessAI on AWS multiple times
  6. Made a presentation and demo in NYC
  7. Did two demos / troubleshot some AWS issues
  8. Started meeting the Development team in Mtn View
  9. Met new sales and marketing colleagues

It feels like I’m drinking from a firehose but it’s all ok, it’s the journey that motivates me.

Always be learning. Always.

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