Posted on Mi 03 Oktober 2018 in Data Science • 1 min read

This week (10/3/18) I traveled to Mountain View, the ground zero of this awesome AI startup. I'm in sales engineering training and learning all the in's and out's of Driverless AI. Even better, I get a crash course in H2O-3, the open source platform and libraries.

In my first two weeks I've done the following:

  1. Spun up DriverlessAI in Docker and learned some Docker commands
  2. Kicked off DriverlessAI jobs via the python client
  3. Installed and started H2o's Sparkling Water and a one node spark cluster
  4. Scored a DriverlessAI mojo file on Spark via Sparkling Water
  5. Spun up DriverlessAI on AWS multiple times
  6. Made a presentation and demo in NYC
  7. Did two demos / troubleshot some AWS issues
  8. Started meeting the Development team in Mtn View
  9. Met new sales and marketing colleagues

It feels like I'm drinking from a firehose but it's all ok, it's the journey that motivates me.

Always be learning. Always.

Update November 2019

It's been over a year now since I started H2O and boy, has this been a ride! Over the past year I've pushed myself past limits and really learned what it's like to work for and build an AI startup. I'm looking forward to many more years here and learning more than I did when I started in 2018.