Hacking Tags with Blot.Im

For years I mistagged so many posts. I didn’t have a logical way of adding and editing them. My old Wordpress posts were littered with junk everywhere that I had just abandon posts as they were. Now, with Blot.Im I have two great ways of organizing and using tags. It’s so simple that I’m wondering why I didn’t start using it right away.

Make a Tag Directory

This is a feature that I just started using and love it from the get-go. It’s super simple and all you do is create a folder with []’s in your Blot folder. For example, I have a lot of Tutorial posts that I want to tag as Tutorial.” I just create a folder called [Tutorial] and dropped all posts in there. Instantly they all get tagged as Tutorial.

It gets better. If you create a subfolder called [RapidMiner] in your parent [Tutorial] folder, a post that get’s dropped into the subfolder will be auto tagged as Tutorial, RapidMiner.”

This is a handy feature and it keeps things organized and logical, at least for me.

Add Tag Metadata to your post

This is the old fashion way. Just add a Tags:” to the top of your file and populate it with your tags. Blot.Im will then generate them into tags. Great way to fine tune your tagging.

Yellow Macau BallonYellow Macau Ballon

What I do

I use a combination of both tagging features. I like to make Tag directories and move my finished posts into them. Sometimes the post will be about a specific topic, say RapidMiner Tutorials, but will have a sub-sub category. This makes it too unwieldy to go to the third or fourth level. In cases like that, I just add a tag to the Tags:” metadata section and get the best of both worlds.

For example. I write a new RapidMiner Tutorial post and then save it to my [Tutorial]/[RapidMiner] folder. If that post is about using D3js with RapidMiner, I’ll just append the Tags:” section of that post with a D3js” tag.

It’s that simple. I love it.

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