I Want To Get To Know You!

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    I was inspired by Trisha, who was inspired by another blog, to make this type of post. I'm creeping up on my one year blog anniversary with Neural Market Trends and I've had lots of comments for many people since then. I'm happy to say that my blog is seeing steady increase in readership (thank you) and I'm looking to learn more about my readers and their tastes!

    The short of it, I want to get to know you! Everyone knows a bit about me from my About (just updated) section, but what about you? What brought you to my blog? Is it because of my RapidMiner Tutorials? Are you currency, stock, or option trader? What do you like, love, hate about this site? What can I do better?

    Please leave me a comment here so we can get a good discussion going! Thanks so much!

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