Introduction to Deep Learning

This is a great introduction to Deep Learning. I know I learned a few things from Phillip.

Some key concepts

  • RapidMiner now can do GPU deep learning. Supports NVIDIA.
  • Easy: Using already loaded Neural Net operators.
  • Harder: Using Deep Learning operator.
  • Hardest: Using Keras with RapidMiner.
  • Keras requires more complex setup with RapidMiner.
  • CNN, RNN, LSTM, etc are now available via RapidMiner GUI.
  • Keras supports Tensorflow, CNTK, and Theano.
  • Need Python v3.5 (see installation guide here).
  • 'Deep' discussion on Recurrent and Covolutional.


Here's a nice graphic from KD Nuggets on some basic activation functions. These activiation functions are what switch a neuron on or off in a neural net model.

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