Its Sure Looking Like A Bottom, Maybe

Posted on Sa 29 März 2008 in misc • 1 min read

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    SP500 Volatility Chart 032808I was checking my volatility chart this morning and noticed a massive volatility spike on 3/18, two days after my timing model issued a BUY signal. The BUY signal flashed on 3/14, I moved money around on 3/17 and the volatility spike happened the following day. This is sure beginning to look like a bottom, something that I posted about in my "Has The Market Bottomed?" post earlier this week.

    Still though, a lot depends on how the subprime mess continues to devolve and how the general market handles it, but the sentiment seems to be firming and I'm seeing a lot of contrarian indicators pointing to higher markets in the future. This could, of course, be a big head fake and we could easily go down from here. However I plan to rotate money out of my bond holdings over the next few weeks and slowly move money back in, assuming we don't break the recent S&P500 low of 1276!

    Disclosure: Still 40% in cash and bonds.