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Jupyter Notebooks Everywhere

AI Machine Learning Python

It would appear that many of the cloud providers are now leveraging Jupyter Notebooks. I predominately use them with Python (3.6+) and Julia but many more kernels are available.

I was kind of shocked that Google allows only Python 2.7 to be used with their Google Drive but Azure supports Python 3+. Nice!

The Data Science notebook space is definitely winning IMHO. They’re easier to read for new team mates (with proper annotation of course), easier to export to markdown, provide for a good data lineage, and easier to put into production with other 3rd party software like Anaconda.

DO they encapsulate code into a GUI widget/operator like RapidMiner? No, they do not BUT the provide for the ‘openness’ of inspecting your code and ease collaboration make them very appealing.

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