Latest Holdings

I no longer do short-term, swing, or day trading. It’s a fools game IMHO and I’ve always done better by doing less. Plus I’m generally bad at timing when to buy a stock.

I’ve written about it before but the majority of my investing is dollar cost averaging into my 401k. It’s diversified across asset classes and allocated based on my age profile. Simple and it works.

Mad Money

I do have some mad money” that I invest in companies that I can relate to. Lately I picked up Tableau (DATA), Ford (F), Amazon (AMZN), and Tesla (TSLA).

I like them because I can relate to them. In the Machine Learning world one of the big behemoths is Amazon. It’s EC2 cloud is amazing and it’s machine learning offering is capable. I also like Tableau because I run across them all the time. Visualization is never going to go away in the Data Science world, it’s only going to get bigger. If you were to ask me, I’d be willing to wager that Tableau will one day buy a machine learning startup to round out its offering.

I’m a big fan of Tesla and what their doing for the space program and clean energy. It’s too bad that President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. He put our country in reverse gear for decades to come, even after he’s gone. Clean energy is innovating all across the world and Tesla has a great position to profit from it. Their batteries and solar roof tiles give me the hot pants.

Ford is Ford. It’s the working man’s car and won’t go away anytime soon. It’s cheap and has good dividends, which is something I aim for these days.

Overall, my portfolio is performing nicely. As an aggregate it’s up 17.30% since inception.

Angel Investing

This is going to be a new area for me. I plan on doing some angel investing in the future but I need to first understand how to do Term Sheets and so forth. I’ll probably focus in FinTech/Blockchain world so lookout! This is definitely not multi-million dollar angel investments but smaller. Just enough for a startup to get on it’s feet and start building it’s prototype. We shall see.

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