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Latest Writing Elsewhere for November 2016

October and November have been a busy content months for me. Wrote a lot of internal stuff at RapidMiner and blogged quite a bit too. I even presented a webinar that went off to a smashing success. Here’s my monthly digest of my writing and content elsewhere:

  1. Webinar: Want Awesome Models, Build Awesome Training Data
  2. Data Prep for Data Science: Data Exploration
  3. Tips & Tricks: Reading FRED API data in RapidMiner
  4. Accelerate Your Data Science with Building Blocks
  5. Tips and Tricks: Adding Path Properties to RapidMiner Server
  6. Tips and Tricks: Using the Execute Script Operator
Up next Presidential Election 2016 I was in France last week for my neice’s wedding. We had a great time and really enjoyed the French countryside. We got sample some delicious wine Best Adsense month so far
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