Learn Javascript! Really?

I found Quincy Larson’s article on learning Javascript as your first computer language both interesting and funny.

He makes his point for learning Javascript based on the following factors:

  1. the job market for the language
  2. the long term prospects for the language
  3. how easy the language is to learn
  4. what projects you can build while you’re learning (and share with friends so you can stay motivated)

…and he’s right.

If you’re interested in Data Science and want to learn a language, look at your job market. See what kind of of programming experience they’re looking for. Is it Python? Java? R? RapidMiner? Then select two and become master at one.

You’re going to have to spend 1000’s of hours learning one particular language (or tool) to become job market’ proficient so choose wisely.

Kill yourself if you program in PHPKill yourself if you program in PHP

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