LinkedIn Recommendation Request

Posted on Fr 26 Februar 2010 in misc • 1 min read

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    My readers may or may not know but I maintain a professional profile on LinkedIn (you can find me at Thomas Ott). I really like LinkedIn and I’m always looking to network with good professionals in the engineering, data mining/modeling, and financial world. Please feel free to reach out to me because I would love to connect with you! 

    But I do ask for a small favor in return...

    If you are a reader of Neural Market Trends, and you enjoy my video tutorials and content, please take a moment to write a recommendation for the site. Your candid thoughts and recommendations are very important to the success of this blog and it allows me to grow this site by providing my readers with free Rapidminer tutorials.

    The information I share on this site via my videos and tutorials is extremely valuable and free, there’s nothing like this available on the Internet that I know of. Please consider my above request, it would be greatly appreciated.