March 2010 Income Report

Posted on Mo 05 April 2010 in misc • 1 min read

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    March was my biggest month for web traffic ever!  This probably has nothing to do with my sense of wit or writing style, but rather due to my Rapidminer 5.0 Video Tutorials and a faster template.  The change in my blog template to a simplified version helped immensely with the load and response time. I noticed an immediate bump in keeping first time visitors on my site the very next day!

    March was my worst month for web income because I cut out all advertisements on this blog (for now). With the exception of text link ads, which netted me about $36 for the last month, I had no other income.

    On an interesting side note, I was able to max out my free Dropbox space from 2GB to almost 10 GB through the generosity of my readers.  All they did was signup for their own Dropbox account using my referral link and I ended getting nearly 8GB's of additional space.  Now I can move my large data around with ease.Thanks!

    For the month of March 2010 I had the following  blog statistics:

    • 5,425 visitors
    • 14,144 page views
    • 2.61 pages/visit
    • 4:29 minutes/visit
    • 56.65% bounce rate (this dropped significantly when I changed the template)
    • 52.90% new visitors

    I have a feeling that these numbers will drop after I post my last Rapidminer video and go on break.