My Morning Trading Routine - About 30 Minutes A Day

Posted on Fr 15 Januar 2010 in misc • 1 min read

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    My life is extremely busy these days and I've gotten my "trading" down to about 30 minutes every morning, before the market opens. Unless I initiate a new position, my daily trading routine is as follows:

    1. Download End of Day (EOD) closing data into my trading worksheet. (5 minutes)
    2. Run my strategy through the data (my worksheet does this automatically via Excel Macros) (<1 minute)
    3. See which positions I need to move my stops up in. (<1 minute)
    4. Log into my trading account and move my stops (10 minute)
    5. Post on Twitter which symbols I'm moving my stops up on (2 minutes)
    6. Scan of all-time highs (<1 minute)
    7. Look through the charts of the new all-time highs (10 minutes)
    8. Place candidates on my stock watch list (5 minutes)

    Time spent is about 30  minutes every morning.  If I initiate a new position, I'll either place a market order for the open or wait till after 10AM to make a buy and place a stop.  That adds another 5 minutes to my routine.

    Have a good weekend all!