NMT Is Shutting Down Sploggers

Posted on Fr 02 Mai 2008 in misc • 1 min read

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    I have nothing against blogs or websites that want to highlight or excerpt something from my Neural Market Trends as long as they give me a properly cited link back to the page. By proper cited I mean writing something like, "Neural Market Trends said" or "Tom from Neural Market Trends wrote," etc.

    What makes me steaming mad is when sploggers take my entire or partial RSS feed, add a stupid link back with text like, "someone said" or "GABA said, " or some other nonesense that makes you realize it was some sort of automated script that ripped off your content. Then they surround your content with Google Ads hoping that all this content will give them higher SEO and drive traffic to their site.

    Well I started fighting back and start reporting sploggers to Google Adsense (if they have Google Ads) and its been successful. Within a day to a few days, the sploggers site is shut down if its on blogspot or the Ads are suspended. That usually takes the splogger offline.