Option Volatility Model Report

Posted on Fr 13 Juli 2007 in misc • 1 min read

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    Last week I made +0.84% on a $10,000 paper account trading the Option Volatility Model. This week I opened a $45,000 virtual account at Optionsxpress figuring it would be easier to keep track of things. I opened 4 positions on Monday, a long straddle and strangle in the QQQQ's, and a short straddle and strangle in the S&P500.

    The strangle positions really dragged down my returns, which were poor to begin with because the S&P500's volatility increased, contrary to my model's prediction. My rate of return this week was -2.64% and my virtual account equity is now $43,811.60.


    On another option related topic, my USDJPY option box got hit a few days ago and I made 16% on that! Man I'm rich! I made a whopping 16 cents! :)