Product Review: Stock NeuroMaster

About a week ago I stumbled across a neat little stock neural net program called, interestingly enough, Stock NeuroMaster. I downloaded it and played around with it during its 14 day trail evaluation and was surprised by how easy it is to use.

Although I'm a heavy duty RapidMiner modeler, and I build intricate custom neural net/genetic algorithm models, Stock NeuroMaster appeals to me for its simplicity and ease of use.

Stock Neuromaster, NasdaqIf you don't care about how neural nets work, don't want to deal with the hassle of finding data and making predictions sets, and just want a system to generate [BUY]{.small-caps} and [SELL]{.small-caps} signals with a click of a button, this is the system for you.

The system, from what I've deduced, uses a standard backpropogation algorithm. It downloads [OHLC]{.small-caps} closing data for your selected stock symbol, then applies a zigzag line to the peaks and valleys of the stock price (this is done to find profits and losses), generates training BUY/SELL signals, then trains the data for maximum profit, and then builds a model.

Stock Neuromaster, PerformanceOnce the model is built, you can update the data by downloading daily/weekly data and then create a prediction with a simple click of a button. The prediction will then automatically generate a BUY/SELL or [HOLD]{.small-caps} signal for the next trading day open. The model will also keep a log of all generated BUY/SELL signals and give you some system statistics on how well the system is performing.

[Pros]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}

  1. Easy to use, no knowledge of neural net algorithms needed
  2. Clean [GUI]{.small-caps}, easy to read clean charts
  3. System Performance, Profit and Loss statement, and Buy/Sell Signal summary
  4. Easy step by step model building and prediction sets
  5. Yahoo, Metastock, and [CSV]{.small-caps} (format) data compatibility and updates
  6. Stop loss and trading strategy settings

[Cons]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}

1. Only a few technical indicators 2. No real time data feed or update, only end of the day data downloads 3. No position sizing

[Bottom line]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}: If you want a neural net program that will generate [BUY]{.small-caps} and [SELL]{.small-caps} signals for stocks, without knowing how the inside guts work, then this is the product for you. Download the Stock NeuroMaster free 14 day trial (zip file) and let me know what you think by leaving me a comment.

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