Quantmod Package in R

I finally discovered the quantmod package for R, and I’m finally getting around to learning the darn software. I think I’m going to abandon learning Python because R appears to do everything that I needit to do, AND it just so happens to be integrated with Rapidminer.

Check out this simple graph I created of $XOM using R.  It took me two lines of code to generate it.


3 thoughts on “Quantmod Package in R”

  1. Tom,
    I totally agree, R is just marvellous, data management is easy, there are many helpful packages such as quantmod not to mention all the statisics packages. I think for prototyping you don’t need anything else …
    I got also fancied about the Rapidminer integration, so I create my feature space with an R script using the TTR package for technical indicators and directly forward it through an operator in Rapidminer


    1. What I wanted to do in Python, especially data management and manipulation, R does it faster and easier. I plan on using R the same way you mention above, get and manage data right in Rapidminer and then analyze it.

      Someone called the Rapidminer/R integration a disruptive technology, I can see why now.

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