Rapid Analytics: On a Raspberry Pi - Part 2

#Rapid Analytics: On a Raspberry Pi - Part 2

I had some great success last night installing Rapid Analytics 1.3 (RA) on the Raspberry Pi. I originally tried to do all this via SSH (headless), but I was running into the X11 error on my windows machine. In the end I had to connect the Pi to my large screen TV and start X windows from there.

I got RA to initialize into the configuration routine right after I opened a terminal window but got stopped in my tracks when it asked me for what database I want to use.  Shoot, I didn’t install any!

photoSo I spent the rest of the evening downloading and installing MySQL, PHP, and Apache before running out of space on my 2 GB SD card. I have too much crap on the card from my tinkering projects to finish the install. Double shoot!  Looks like I need to buy a 16GB card now!

I learned two things so far from this project: 1) you’ll need the ARM optimized Java version for the Raspberry Pi, and 2) always get a larger SD card.

Although the RA configuration routine initialized quickly on the Pi, it remains to be seen if RA can run well on it, so stay tuned for more RA and Pi (RAPi?) fun.

Up next RapidAnalytics on a Raspberry Pi? I’m attempting a feat that I believe hasn’t been done or thought of before, putting Rapid Analytics (RA) 1.3 on a Raspberry Pi. I know that the Rapid Analytics: On a Raspberry Pi – Part 3 #Rapid Analytics: On a Raspberry Pi — Part 3 Update: After talking with some IT folks, I realized that I might just be able to
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