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    I had the pleasure of meeting Ralf Klinkenberg, founder of Rapid-I, this weekend in New York City.  He was in town finishing up the first set of Rapidminer training courses and he dropped me an email to see if I had some time to meet. We talked about the birth of Rapidminer (formerly Y.A,L.E.), why he started it, what's the ultimate plan for Rapidminer, and their growing team in Dortmund.

    We had a good long talk over Malaysian food and decided to strengthen ties between Rapid-I and Neural Market Trends.  We even talked about the possibility of me co-presenting one of their financial training courses next year.  I must say, I walked away rather excited about the possibilities and I look forward to growing our relationship in the future!

    Oh BTW, Ralf will be back next week in NYC for more Rapidminer training courses.  The courses he's presenting focus on an introduction to datamining and financial datamining and analysis.  I'll post the exact list of courses and availability on here later, so check back!


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