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    My next Rapidminer Video Tutorial #4 on Evolutionary Weighting is done and needs to be cleaned up before I post it this weekend, so get ready for it. It's one of the most intricate ones I've shared with my readers yet and will probably clock in over 20 minutes in length. We combine the lesson from the Genetic Feature Selection Tutorial and build a new experiment on top of it. It's a "one click" evolutionary extravaganza!

    I'm also planning on cleaning up my older videos and re-recording them using Camstasia. I'll definitely be finishing my Introduction to Rapidminer Video Tutorial 1 & 2 over the coming weeks and plan on recording some new ones.  All my old "Test Videos" will be deleted!

    My new posting frequency has definitely helped my frame of mind and allows me to put more time into these videos. As always, thanks for visiting. Now would be a great time to subscribe to my feed!


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