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    I own a rental property and I was over there all day today making some emergency repairs. I got into RE investing a few years ago and still look for deals but not as actively as I have before. The reason is that I've transitioned back to trading, this time Forex, because of two main reasons.

    One, I don't have tenants to deal with when trading Forex and two, I can be out of a position in a second flat. With trading I don't have to chase deadbeat tenants down for their monthly rent or deal with Sunday afternoon calls for emergencies. With Real Estate you have to deal with rising property taxes, insurance, and mortgages.

    Would I ever buy another rental property? Yes, I would but I would stick it into a property management company and be a hands off landlord. My time is too valuable, I could spend it trading and making more money.

    BTW, I posted my S&P500 volatility report in the members section. Can you guess why it was late? :)


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