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Posted on Fr 18 März 2011 in misc • 1 min read

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    I use Google Analytics and I probably should use more it in conjuction with Rapidminer to do more data modeling, but it's a question of free time; something that's a luxury right now.

    For fun I'm posting my top 10 referrers for the period of February 17 through March 17, 2011. Of course Rapid-I is on top of that list and thanks to them and all the other blogs and websites for linking to this site.  You all make me smile and without you I'd probably be just another loser on the Internet.


    What's interesting in this referrer snapshot is that I have a relatively low visitor rate (highly niche blog) but my average "time on site" is over 4 minutes, with the last month time period clocking in over 7 minutes.  That's because of my video tutorials, the biggest driver of traffic for this measly blog.