Revisiting the Agriculture Index from 2007 - ($GKX)

Back in 2007 I posted about the Agriculutre Index (GKX) and wondered why it was so strong. At that time I thought it was related to China or how the demand for ethanol was going to save us from globale warming and the effects of man made climate change.

GKX then

GKX, 5/11/2007

Back in 2007 the index was at $252 and fast forward to today, it's at $291ish.

GKX now

GKX, 5/30/2019

So you can see that despite it appreciating about 15% over 12 years, it did a whole lot of nothing considering people went nuts for commodities a few years back. A few days ago it hit the $252 mark, just about where it was when I looked at it back then.

If you look at the weekly chart you can see that the index was trading with it's 50 WMA below its 200 WMA, a bearish sign.

GKX, 5/30/2019, Weekly Chart

That's the thing with the markets, it giveth a bit and taketh a whole lot from suckers. There's a high chance that you're the sucker 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time, you're probably an index fund investor and doing ok.

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