Soul Searching, Part 2

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    Thanks to all who commented on my Soul Searching post from this past weekend, they were thoughtful, honest, and sincere. After spending the weekend thinking more about the future of Neural Market Trends, I've decided to keep it going but get back to my roots.

    I want to concentrate on high quality but low frequency posts on how to use Rapidminer to model trends in the markets, and create new video tutorials. I also want to create some videos on how to use Rapidminer for other applications like Business Intelligence. Some of my more complicated and in depth tutorials will be monetized.

    To create high quality posts, I expect my frequency of posting will drop to maybe one post per week and as a result I expect 50% of my readership to disappear. I hope my readers decide to stick around and aren't too pissed by my new (yet old) "focus."

    Thanks for understanding.


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