Southwest Airlines Co. - Fly The Surly Skies

Posted on Di 13 November 2007 in misc • 1 min read

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    I admit that I once held Southwest Airlines Co. (LUV) in my investment portfolio back in 1998 but I dumped it after a year. I should've waited a bit longer to catch to big run up to 2001 but I found a lot more sexier stocks like CSCO, EMC, SUNW, and MSFT. You remember, the original Four Horsemen!

    Anyway, I shy away from Airline stocks because of their direct relationship with the price of oil (yes I know LUV hedges long into the future), and their incredibly annoying range riding. If I held on back in 1998, I would've rode it to the peak only to ride it painfully slow down to $14.36 yesterday. No thanks!