S&P500 Intraweek Volatility Check

Posted on Do 25 Oktober 2007 in misc • 1 min read

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    I haven't forgotten about my member section, I'm just insanely busy. I picked up a few side gigs that are demanding my attention right now. I'll still post my forex and future weekly forecasts as well as my S&P500 volatility timing model, just not the daily breakout scans. They've been temporarily suspended pending my time availability. SP500 Volatility Chart 102507Anyway, I'm posting an intraweek volatility check for the S&P500, as you can see by the chart to the left of this paragraph, we did have a nice spike this past Friday. Although the severity was less so than in August, it still was significant. Still the trend for volatility seems to heading lower again. That would be nice if it continues in that direction, Daddy needs a Merry Christmas!