Stock NeuroMaster BUY/SELL Signals - VII

Posted on Do 07 Februar 2008 in misc • 1 min read

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    The Stock NeuroMaster neural net model issued a SELL signal yesterday to close out our remaining long position for the iShares MSCI Brazil Index (EWZ) at today's open. Our position EWZ has had a great run, as of yesterday's close ($ 73.79) it was up +11.6% from the BUY signal. I'm looking forward to closing out this position (on paper) and finding out what my aggregate return was for this little test.

    I'm planning on writing a brief summary of the things I learned using Stock NeuroMaster for this little exercise and hopefully will be able to provide my readers with some tips and tricks to help fine tune their systems. Thanks for playing along!

    PS: I'm getting a BUY signal for the SPDR Trust (SPY) this morning!