More Investors Say Bye-Bye to Buy-and-Hold

Posted on So 12 April 2009 in misc • Tagged with 401k, Stocks • 1 min read

After I read this WSJ article I realized that we are in the buying opportunity of a lifetime. That is if you are a contrarian, emphasis mine. =)

The ups and downs of the market are prompting more retail investors to abandon buy-and-hold strategies in favor of opportunistic trading. Some want …

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Random Thoughts

Posted on Fr 10 Oktober 2008 in misc • Tagged with Investing, 401k • 1 min read

After a week like this, I’m glad the weekend is here. I need time to relax and not think about this imploding market.  Although things are really bad out there, and will likely get worse before its over, I’m pretty upbeat.  I’m upbeat because I believe we …

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Chinese Inspired Global Investment Rally

Posted on Mi 23 Mai 2007 in Stocks • Tagged with China, Global, Markets, Yuan, Dollar, Investing, Trading, 401K • 1 min read

If the world follows the typical supply and demand economic theory, we are about to witness the beginning of a major global rally. The Chinese government recently loosened laws allowing its banks to invest indirectly in foreign equities and derivative products. China currently sits on $4.8 trillion dollars worth …

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