Daytrading on Steroids

Posted on Do 17 Mai 2007 in Stocks • Tagged with ATS, Excel, Trading • 2 min read

Day Trading, Algorithmic Trading

I've posted this article before on my old site and thought it was fitting to re-post it here. It's a story about a company called Tradebot Systems, Inc. CEO David Cummings, a former commodity pit trader and programmer, built an Automated Trading System, or Tradebot, which trades between 50 and …

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Algorithmic Trading

Posted on Mi 09 Mai 2007 in Stocks • Tagged with ATS, AI, Forex, Futures, Stocks • 1 min read

Forex Trend Summary 2

In my old blog, Digital Breakfast, I posted a few times about my desire to build an Automated Trading System (ATS) using Excel. I figured I'd build it in Excel since I know that software the best and conveniently enough, Interactive Brokers offers an API for Excel. Today, I located …

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