Big Data and Infrastructure

Posted on Di 07 Februar 2017 in misc • Tagged with Big Data, Hadoop • 3 min read

I have a daily downtime routine. Every evening I set aside about a hour and think. I sit or walk around the house and ruminate about all sorts of random things. Sometimes it’s with a glass of wine and more often it’s with a cup of black tea …

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Spark vs Hadoop

Posted on Di 22 September 2015 in misc • Tagged with Big Data • 1 min read

There's a lot of hullabaloo about Spark vs Hadoop for Big Data these days. If you're rushing to stand up a Big Data cluster, you probably heard about this new Spark technology. The simplest way to think about the differences is that Hadoop is for batch jobs and Spark can …

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Big Data. Your Commuting Buddy

Posted on Mo 14 September 2015 in misc • Tagged with Big Data, Transportation • 1 min read

I used to work in the Transportation field, especially with railroads. Forecasting and recovering from delays was always an tough task because of the "ripple effects" that this article mentions, but Mathematician Wilhelm Landerholm figured out an algorithm to forecast delays 2 hours in advance!

Enter big data. Cars on …

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Prescriptive Analytics and My Heart

Posted on Di 01 September 2015 in misc • Tagged with Big Data, Healthcare • 2 min read

The world right now is awash in Predictive Analytics, the mystery of Big Data, and the rise of the glorious and magical Data Scientist. Most of the time we hear these buzz words in relation to some marketing campaign, election, or credit score application process, but what about applying these …

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Big Data's Dirty Little Secret

Posted on Mo 31 August 2015 in misc • Tagged with Big Data • 1 min read

Do you know what you're doing with your Big Data? Based on my experience, only a small group of companies really do.

There’s just one little problem, as Intel cloud platforms group vice president and general manager Jason Waxman, told investors in a webcast last week.

"This is the …

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