A Simple Blockchain with GoLang

Posted on Do 18 Juli 2019 in Data Science • Tagged with Blockchain, Cryptocurrency • 1 min read

I ran across this great tutorial on using #golang to build a simple blockchain. Since I'm new to golang and I'm interested in all things blockchain, I decided to give it a try. It worked like a charm and is super simple to run.

Blockchain Screenshot

Of course this blockchain doesn't include …

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Bitcoin is not Dead!

Posted on Fr 20 April 2018 in misc • Tagged with Bitcoin, Blockchain • 1 min read

According to Howard Bitcoin is not dead. I agree with him that price is a big indicator of where things are going but I can't help but wonder that this sudden uptick in cryptocurrency jobs is just a lag effect from when Bitcoin was $19,000.

I know people on …

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Google Trends for Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Ethereum

Posted on Mi 07 Juni 2017 in misc • Tagged with Blockchain • 1 min read

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It's the Blockchain, stupid.

Posted on Mo 28 März 2016 in misc • Tagged with Bitcoin, Blockchain, Startup • 2 min read

I've been a big fan of Bitcoin for a while and the potential for a true digital currency, but lately it's been having problems. Some prominent voices in the Bitcoin world actually say it's dead and that got me a little worried. I'm no longer bullish on the Bitcoin currency …

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