My Chinese Big Brother - Part 2

Posted on Do 19 April 2018 in Thoughts • Tagged with China • 2 min read

Chinese Flag

Coming on the heels of "I told you so," China is using facial recognition to make sure you're a good Chinese citizen.

Authorities in Shenzhen, China, have set up artificial intelligence-powered CCTV cameras to scan the faces of those who jaywalk at major intersections and display their identities on large …

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My Chinese Big Brother

Posted on Sa 22 Oktober 2016 in misc • Tagged with China • 1 min read

One of my Asian friends recently posted a link to a terrifying use of Machine Learning. This is what I call the “dark side” of this field, the use of machine learning by a government to make you behave a certain way.

1984’s Big Brother

China is building its …

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Chinese Inspired Global Investment Rally

Posted on Mi 23 Mai 2007 in Stocks • Tagged with China, Global, Markets, Yuan, Dollar, Investing, Trading, 401K • 1 min read

If the world follows the typical supply and demand economic theory, we are about to witness the beginning of a major global rally. The Chinese government recently loosened laws allowing its banks to invest indirectly in foreign equities and derivative products. China currently sits on $4.8 trillion dollars worth …

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