Isolation Forests in

Posted on 2018-11-17 in Data Science • Tagged with Data Science, • 2 min read

A new feature has been added to H2O-3 open source, isolation forests. I've always been a fan of understanding outliers and love using One Class SVM's as a method, but the isolation forests appear to be better in finding outliers, in most cases.

From the blog:

There are …

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What is Reusable Holdout?

Posted on 2018-11-02 in Data Science • Tagged with Data Science, Model Training • 2 min read

Overfitting and introducing bias during model training is always a big topic in data science. Typically you train a model using Cross Validation by creating a model on k-1 folds and test it on the remaining one fold. This one fold is the holdout set and will usually work very …

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Probability Distributions Cheat Sheet

Posted on 2018-08-13 in Data Science • Tagged with Data Science • 1 min read

This probability distribution cheat sheet has been making the rounds on Twitter lately and guess what? It's pretty darn valuable if you ask me.

The write up explaining each different distribution is pretty good too.

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Using Python for Descriptive Statistics

Posted on 2018-08-06 in Data Science • Tagged with Data Science, Python • 1 min read

KD Nuggets has another great article on using Python for descriptive statistics.


Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive Statistics are important to data science and data 'sleuthing' in general. Learn the different metrics and you're well on your way to understanding data science.

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Introduction to RapidMiner Server

Posted on 2018-07-24 in Data Science • Tagged with Data Science, RapidMiner, Tutorials • 1 min read

I made a new video on RapidMiner Server! This is just a high level overview of the Web GUI and how to navigate through it. In future videos I'll be showing you how to productionalize a RapidMiner Studio process, expose Web Services, and even make a Dashboard.

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