How Many Days of Food can You Buy with $100

Posted on Fr 10 August 2018 in Stocks • Tagged with Data Visualization, Reddit, Food • 1 min read

I found this Reddit post fascinating and cool.


$100 will buy you this much food

It would appear that in New York City, $100 would only buy you 6 days worth of food. Living in Kansas City, Missouri or Des Moines, Iowa your $100 would stretch further to 11 days of food. Out of the USA, $100 …

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Bubble Grid vs Choropleth in R

Posted on Di 10 Juli 2018 in Data Science • Tagged with R, Data Visualization • 1 min read

I've always had a love/hate relationship with R but ever since I generated a Word Cloud using RapidMiner and R, I've come to like it's visualization capabilities.

Bubble Grid vs Choropleth

I stumbled across this recently written article by Jonas Schöley over at his blog and found some really need …

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