How Many Days of Food can You Buy with $100

I found this Reddit post fascinating and cool.


$100 will buy you this much food

It would appear that in New York City, $100 would only buy you 6 days worth of food. Living in Kansas City, Missouri or Des Moines, Iowa your $100 would stretch further to 11 days of food. Out of the USA, $100 can stretch further. My wife’s friends is from Bogota, Colombia and she would see that $100 stretch to 24 days of food!

Bubble Grid vs Choropleth in R

Title: Bubble Grid vs Choropleth in R
Date: 2018-07-10 15:00
Slug: bubble-grid-vs-choropleth-r
Tags: R, Data Visualization
Twitter: neuralmarket
Author: Thomas Ott

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with R but ever since I generated a Word Cloud using RapidMiner and R, I’ve come to like it’s visualization capabilities.

I stumbled across this recently written article by Jonas Schöley over at his blog and found some really need Data Visualizations in R and code examples. The one using Bubble Grid vs Choropleth maps caught my eye. Check it out, it has ready to go R code.

Word Clouds in RapidMiner and R

There was a question from the RapidMiner Community on how to make a word clouds in RapidMiner using R. It’s really easy.

First you’ll need to make sure you have the Execute R extension installed and configured, then you need to download the “wordcloud” and “RColorBrewer” packages from R Cran Repository.


Finally, grab this sample XML and pop it in your RapidMiner Studio. Note: I saved the image to my desktop, you’ll have to repath it to where you want to save the PNG.

Word Clouds in RapidMiner