5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do

Posted on Mo 01 April 2019 in Thoughts • Tagged with Education, Children • 3 min read

Understanding how adults and children learn is something I've been interested in ever since I became a Dad. My wife and I stay heavily invested in our children's learning and we always strive to cultivate curiosity, not just for our children but for ourselves too.

I came across this great …

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The Secret to Building Great EdTech Products? Teachers!

Posted on Mi 01 März 2017 in misc • Tagged with Education • 1 min read

Despite all the bruhaha that's going on in Washington, entrepenuers are reinventing how children are educated.

Teachers and EdTech companies need to work together to create the products that will create permanent change in classrooms across the globe. Teachers need EdTech companies to build great products to serve their students …

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Rewiring Education

Posted on Sa 01 Oktober 2016 in misc • Tagged with Education, STEM • 3 min read

Last night the kids and I were across the street at another family's house for dinner. Their kids are the same age as my daughter and son and often stay for dinner at our house. Last night after the dinner we got to talking about the current state of education …

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