Morgan Stanley Layoffs, VTI keeps climbing

Posted on Di 10 Dezember 2019 in Stocks • Tagged with Stocks, Economy, ETF • 2 min read

Yesterday Morgan Stanley announced a 2% reduction in workforce across the entire organization. It's citing an "uncertain global environment." That's a code word for "recession" if you ask me.

The job cuts at the investment bank, the world’s biggest equities trading firm and a leading mergers advisor, will hit …

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Vanguard's Total Index ETF - VTI

Posted on So 02 Juni 2019 in Stocks • Tagged with ETF, Investing • 3 min read

VTI, 5/31/2019, ETF

I recently picked up the late John Bogle's book, "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing" and I plan on reading through it despite knowing the basic jist of it. Bogle was famous for creating the low cost index fund and the main thrust of his argument is keep expenses …

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Revisiting FXI from 2007

Posted on Di 28 Mai 2019 in Stocks • Tagged with FXI, ETF, Trends, Investing, Trading • 2 min read

Back in 2007 I thought I had a great trend following system. I was feeling pretty smug about the direction that my AI trend models were giving me (because it was up). Little did I know that I was just lucky. The markets were trending upwards and I was riding …

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EWM Redux

Posted on Fr 17 Mai 2019 in Stocks • Tagged with EWM, ETF, Trends • 2 min read

Just a few days ago I found some old Neural Market Trends posts that I archived when I switched between blogging platforms. These were mostly about my Stock and Forex trading using AI (aka Machine Learning). While I was more lucky than right w.r.t. to AI in a …

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iShares MSCI Japan Index - (EWJ)

Posted on Fr 06 Juli 2007 in Stocks • Tagged with ETF • 1 min read

EWJ Returns Histogram

I decided to take a closer look at iShares MSCI Japan Index (EWJ) ETF today because of the "carry trade" issue. Investors of the past three years made a good return investing in EWJ. That's probably due to the carry trade firing up the Japanese export machine. This is good …

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