RapidMiner's New Time Series Extension

Posted on So 03 Juni 2018 in Data Science • Tagged with RapidMiner, Time Series, Extension • 1 min read

I'm really liking the overhaul of the old Value Series extension. RapidMiner has been building a new Time Series extension that started with the great ARIMA operator.

Now they're adding new Windowing and Sliding Window operators. My notes below the video.


  • New time series datasets added to updated Time …

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Finance and Economics Extension

Posted on Mi 15 Januar 2014 in misc • Tagged with Finance, Economics, RapidMiner, Extension • 1 min read

I'm playing around with the Rapidminer Finance and Economics extension, from Broad Reach Analytics, and I like it.  It's a slick and fast way to get financial data into your processes and there are lots of operators that let you get data from Bloomberg, the World Bank, and Yahoo.

It …

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