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RapidMiner's New Time Series Extension

I'm really liking the overhaul of the old Value Series extension. RapidMiner has been building a new Time Series extension that started with the great ARIMA operator.

Now they're adding new Windowing and Sliding Window operators. My notes below the video.


  • New time series datasets added to updated Time Series extension (gas station prices)
  • Plus three more sample data templates
  • New Windowing operator, easier to use parameters.
  • New Indices parameter / New Horizon Width and Horizon Offset
  • New Process Windows operator. It's like a Loop for Time Series data - NICE!
  • New Forecast Validation. Appears to be a redo the old Sliding Window Validation operator
  • In the Testing side of the Forecast Validation operator, you don't need to use Apply Model
  • Difference between Forecast Validation (FV) and Cross Validation (CV) operator is that the model delivered by FV is always the LAST model that was trained, not like CV that trains over the entire data in the final iteration


Finance and Economics Extension

I'm playing around with the Rapidminer Finance and Economics extension, from Broad Reach Analytics, and I like it.  It's a slick and fast way to get financial data into your processes and there are lots of operators that let you get data from Bloomberg, the World Bank, and Yahoo.

It would normally take me 30 minutes to an hour to cobble together stock quote data from Yahoo into a spreadsheet, then validate the dates, and import them into Rapidminer. Now, using the extension's operator, it took me 5 minutes.

Just for fun, I created this advanced S&P500 chart using color coded VIX values, which took another 5 minutes. Done!


This extension holds great promise but it appears there haven't been any recent updates. Still, one extension to keep an eye on.