Latest Forex Trade Review

Posted on Do 25 Juli 2019 in Forex • Tagged with Forex • 4 min read

Yesterday I closed out the majority of my EURUSD trade that I initiated in late April. It was almost 3 months of a wild up and down ride with excessive risk that finally made me realize a few important things. Stops don't really work on very short time frames, the …

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Mexican Market Manipulation Monday

Posted on Mo 10 Juni 2019 in Stocks • Tagged with Forex • 1 min read

What you see here is pure market manipulation by a government, namely ours. In this case, it was done by our President. On Friday May 31st he announces tariffs on goods coming from Mexico because of the border 'crisis.' Then he announces over the weekend that they came to terms …

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Why Forex Trading is Frustrating

Posted on Mo 28 Januar 2019 in Forex • Tagged with Forex • 4 min read

Or rather, why Forex trading is frustrating at a bucket shop like Oanda. I really don't know which is the right statement to make because I can't be arsed to do the research. I don't have the time. What I can tell you is that my initial reaction when trading …

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Adding EURUSD Historical Volatility Predictions

Posted on Do 20 Oktober 2016 in misc • Tagged with Forex, Options • 1 min read

I recently connected my historical volatility prediction processes to the FRED API and pulled in closing data for the Euro. I want to autogenerate currency volatility predictions just like what I do for the stock indicies.

The only problem now is that the training and optimization part takes to long …

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The Less I do, The Better I do

Posted on Mi 30 März 2016 in misc • Tagged with Investing, Forex, Trading, Mutual Funds, Stocks • 1 min read

Somewhere between 2010 and and 2011 I stopped Forex Trading and stopped stock picking. It was just too much stress and felt very futile. Reviewing the market on a daily basis was exhausting and I even abandoned market timing with my models (the main gensis for this blog)! I took …

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