Revisiting the Agriculture Index from 2007 - ($GKX)

Posted on Do 30 Mai 2019 in Stocks • Tagged with Futures, Commodities • 1 min read

Back in 2007 I posted about the Agriculutre Index (GKX) and wondered why it was so strong. At that time I thought it was related to China or how the demand for ethanol was going to save us from globale warming and the effects of man made climate change.


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Commodity Index - At Least The WMA Remains Bullish For Now

Posted on So 28 Dezember 2008 in misc • Tagged with Futures • 1 min read

Despite the selloff of nearly everything, the CRB index’s 50 WMA is still above its 200 WMA. The 50/200 DMA isn’t and it looks like its not bottoming out anytime so this great index is likely to follow in the footsteps of many other indices soon.

CRB, 12/26/2008

It …

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Agriculture Index - ($GKX)

Posted on So 13 Mai 2007 in Stocks • Tagged with GKX, Futures, Commodities • 1 min read

GKX, 5/11/2007

I worked in my vegetable garden for most of the weekend and with every weed I plucked, the words "Ethanol" and "bio-fuel" kept popping in my head. I know that everywhere I turn, I see and hear about how Ethanol is going to save us from oil dependence and global …

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Algorithmic Trading

Posted on Mi 09 Mai 2007 in Stocks • Tagged with ATS, AI, Forex, Futures, Stocks • 1 min read

Forex Trend Summary 2

In my old blog, Digital Breakfast, I posted a few times about my desire to build an Automated Trading System (ATS) using Excel. I figured I'd build it in Excel since I know that software the best and conveniently enough, Interactive Brokers offers an API for Excel. Today, I located …

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