Extending GIS in RapidMiner

Posted on Do 31 Dezember 2015 in Tutorials • Tagged with Geospatial, GIS, RapidMiner • 1 min read

My talented coworker and GIS expert, Balázs Bárány, made some amazing progress on extending GIS in RapidMiner. Using Groovy Script, and the Execute Script operator in RapidMiner, he was able to import a GIS shapefile.

I find this incredibly cool because as a former Civil Engineer, I spent many hours …

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Geo Distance in RapidMiner and Python

Posted on Mi 04 November 2015 in Tutorials • Tagged with Geospatial, RapidMiner, Python, Tutorial • 3 min read

In my previous post, I showed how you can use the Enrich by Webservice operator and OpenStreetMaps to do reverse geocoding lookups. This post will show how to calculate Geospatial distances between two latitude and longitude points. First using a RapidMiner and then using the GeoPy Python module.

This was …

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